Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 30th Thoughts and Opinions

Mind is rambling at work, might as well put my thoughts/opinions out there instead of letting them run a track and field event in my brain...

1. Why does the coffee in Soho only come in one tiny size? RUDE.  We all have slight addictions in this borough, bump up the size.  At the price I pay I should be getting a piece of gold as a side to my coffee, but I could settle for a real large.

2. Loving the Andy Warhol Perrier designs, however do you really think when he was creating his masterpieces his real hope was to someday have them on plastic, extremely disposable?  

3. Beyonce. 

4. Back to Beyonce.... Read a quote today, "you have as many hours in the day as Beyonce does".  Is that supposed to be encouraging or depressing?  Because Beyonce accomplishes a lot more than I do in a day.  However, it is her job to be Beyonce, if I dedicated all day to being Beyonce maybe I could accomplish a tini-tiny percentage of what she does.

5. I saw that Kim lost 50 lbs after pushing out that turd.  Maybe she did, maybe she did blow. whose to say. 

6. I wish band aids were in style because I am rocking three of them right now from random injuries.  The cutie on my finger was from slicing tomatoes and not paying attention.  The two on my toe are from the lovely lady who stilletoed my toe.  Now I have Billbo Baggins feet, thanks miss.

7. At our office there is a man across the way that literally sits in his apartment all day shirtless.  Sir, I have so many questions for you. How can you afford that?  And since you obviously have it all figured it out, please tell me your secrets.  I want to live like you, sincerely intern across the street that takes snap chats of you. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why July 10th Fuking Blows

Not to be dramatic, but today is the worst fuking day...ever. It is not even 12 pm and today has already back alley kicked the crap out of me and left me bleeding and bruised to die. I knew it was not going to be a parade and calories do not count day when the weather app said NYC 78 degrees this am, but I had some hope.  July 10, 2013 is the worst and here is why....

1. Smashed my iPhone screen -   I have dropped this thing, flushed it down a toilet, and left it in the snow and she has survived.  But I try to answer a text from my dad about a family trip and I drop it on the sidewalk and BUSTED.  This iPhone is now as ratchet as my weekend behavior.

2. Sweating Balls - It is hot.  Not just hot,  Hitler would come from Hell and walk West Broadway and break a sweat type of hot. This is not a cute look for me

3. No cottage cheese - Yes it looks pretty foul to eat, but its a simple pleasure of mine and we were all out of it at breakfast.

4. Had to pee in NY Penn Station and that place is filthy.  I am forever unclean.

5. Ran out of face wash in the shower, so I used shampoo on my face.  This is actually a toss up, maybe it will be awesome for your skin/hair and I will start a new sensation.  Or this is terrible and I ruined my skin.  Jury is still deciding.

Only solace of the day, random woman saying my outfit was killer.  Thank you random lady, you are the reason I do not storm out of work and sit in Dominique Ansels Bakery and go to town on treats.  You saved my sanity and waistline